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Become A Hair Distributor 

Interested in joining the Hair Project? The Hair Project is making so many black people good money. Whether you want to make enough money to pay all of your bills each month or you want to make $120,000.00 every year, WE GOT YOU!!! 

If you set your goal at $120,000.00 per year, all you have to do is get 16 customers per month. That's it! We will show you how to price your hair so that you will make the profit you need. 

Each one of you that sells to 16 customers in a month will be invited to come on the AC Green radio show to promote your hair business and get more customers!!! 

So, if you are ready, fill out the form below and watch your email for a link to our Tuesday Zoom Hair Project Training Session.  

Hair Distributor Inquiries

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