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Some people prefer durability more than an
undetectable look. So, a mono hair system base
types are an ideal option for them.


There are 4 types of monofilament hair system bases:
1. German Net – Less natural, but more durable than Fine Welded  Mono, Fine Mono, and Super Fine Mono.

2. Fine Mono – The most common mono. This base design supports higher densities, is durable and breathable. However, it must be folded if used as the edges of the base.
3. Super Fine Mono – This base is more delicate due to the smaller holes. It must be folded if used at the base edge and it’s not suitable for high densities.
4. Fine Welded Mono – This mono has a lace front and it’s the strongest. It can support higher densities, it’s natural and very durable.

Lace/Mono with Polyurethane Edge

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